• smile-zipped-hoodie-1smile-zipped-hoodie-2
    148,00 Κωδικός: smile3

    Smile zipped hoodie is such a comfortable, versatile piece for casual weekend plans or days spent lounging at home. Created with blended colors, has a relaxed silhouette with a zipper pull and adjustable drawstrings.

    • 80%COT, 20%POL
  • smile-pants-1smile-pants-2
    144,00 Κωδικός: smile2

    Smile pants are so cozy and comfortable, especially when paired with its coordinating Smile cropped shirt or Smile zipped hoodie. They’re made from soft touches and have wide legs and an elasticated high-rise waist.

    • 80%COT, 20%POL
  • smile-cropped-shirt-1smile-cropped-shirt-2
    105,00 Κωδικός: smile1

    Smile Cropped Shirt is understated and versatile enough to be styled with just about anything. It’s spun from cozy textile, cropped silhouette and haw dressed buttons at the front. Wear it with everything from tonal skirts to statement pants, depending on your mood.

    • 80%COT, 20%POL
  • bliss-pants-2bliss-pants-1
    111,00 Κωδικός: bliss2

    Bliss pants are effortlessly cool and so easy to style. Made from a finely ribbed fabric, they have dressed buttons and they are great for showing off statement shoes.

    • 82%PL, 15%PA, 3%EL
  • bliss-shirt-1bliss-shirt-2
    129,00 Κωδικός: bliss1

    Bliss shirt is traced with covered buttons. It’s made from ribbed textile and has a loose silhouette with a neat collar. Match it with our favorite Bliss Pants and create a colorful winter look.

    • 82%PL, 15%PA, 3%EL


  • yes-jumpsuit-1yes-jumpsuit-2
    154,00 Κωδικός: yes2

    Yes jumpsuit is made from cotton and is woven with stretch for a flexible fit. It has a sporty and loose fit and a comfortable drawstring waist. Wear yours with sneakers.

    • 70%CO, 30%PL
  • yes-pants-1yes-pants-2
    120,00 Κωδικός: yes1

    Yes track pants are perfect for days when comfort is your top priority. They’re cut from cotton in a soft shades and have an elasticated waistband. Wear yours with the matching Yes sweater.

    • 70%CO, 30%PL
  • bubbly-top-1bubbly-top-2
    116,00 Κωδικός: bubbly1

    Bubbly top is so soft and huggable, it’s perfect for cozying up in chilly weather. Made from fuzzy textile, it has a slightly V-neckline. Wear yours with Pride jeans or match it with Bliss pants.

    • 100%PL
  • gabardine-arpyes-1gabardine-arpyes-2
    225,00 Κωδικός: 8329

    F for Freedom is a mid-length gabardine equipped with practical pockets on the side. Use the optional belt to cinch the slightly loose fit.

    • 100% PL
  • arpyes-toparpyes-top-2
    114,00 Κωδικός: cuddle

    C For Cuddle is a turtleneck top with a special design on the side. Perfect for a fall outfit.

  • excitement-coat-1excitement-coat-3
    Sold out
    220,00 Κωδικός: 8342

    Excitement coat is smart, timeless, and versatile, so you’ll reach for it often throughout the years.

    It’s tailored from soft fabric in a roomy silhouette that layers easily over chunky knits and hoodies and has notched lapels and dressed buttons.

    • 87% pes. 10% vi, 3% ly
  • vest-dress-2vest-dress-1
    Sold out
    202,00 Κωδικός: 8316

    Excitement is a mid-length vest dress that can be styled in many different ways with just a change of shoes and accessories.

    With two pockets on the side in a relaxed silhouette that cinches with a tie belt.

    • 87% pes, 10% vi, 3%ly
  • positive-green-vest-1positive-cream-vest-1
    93,00 Κωδικός: 8352

    Positive vest feels incredibly soft in a slightly loose silhouette, it’s designed with a V-neckline and flared-out shoulder.

    Wear yours layered over a classic shirt or a turtleneck top.

    • 100% pl
  • beauty-top-1beauty-top-2
    69,00 Κωδικός: 8340

    Beauty T-shirt is a must have Tee in any stylish wardrobe!

    This T-shirt has a slightly loose fit and a classic crew neckline
    Wear yours with different styles from day to night!

    • 75% modal, 25% pes
  • yummy-crop-1yummy-crop-2
    54,00 Κωδικός: 8364

    Yummy Crop Top is an everyday tight top that can be worn from day till night!

    Wear yours with your favourite jeans, active pants or even under your sleeveless dress!

    • 95% co, 5% el
  • happy-pants-1happy-pants-2
    120,00 Κωδικός: 8328

    Happy pants are designed for a relaxed fit, they have an elasticated, waistband and fall to tapered, ribbed cuffs!

    Wear yours with your favorite Yummy crop top or Lucky T-shirt!

    • 91% pl, 9% pa
  • New-Projectarpyes-j1
    162,00 Κωδικός: 8346

    Delight jumpsuit is an all day long, comfy and casual choice!

    Dotted with silver-tone snaps that adjust the neckline, it has an elastic waistband that sits high on the waist creating a feminine silhouette!

    • 91% pl, 9% pa
  • motivation-top-1motivation-top-2
    90,00 Κωδικός: 8278

    Motivation Top is a knitted, croissette, padded-shoulders top!

    It has a sexy V neck and back cut and will create a perfect outfit combined with your Pride Denim Pants!

    93% pl, 7% sp

  • kindness-top-5kindness-top-1
    60,00 Κωδικός: 8339

    Kindness Top is a knitted, turtleneck top perfect for fall walks!

    It hugs your body and fits perfectly with any bottom!

    • 76% vi, 18% pl, 6% ea
  • hope-pants-1hope-pants-2
    Sold out
    114,00 Κωδικός: 8349
  • hope-blazer-1hope-blazer-2
    Sold out
    154,00 Κωδικός: 8228

    Hope Blazer is a double-breasted, padded shoulders,- from day, till night – casual blazer.

    The oversized fit will layer perfectly over a chunky knit!

    • 100% tencel
  • cool-pants-1cool-pants-2
    114,00 Κωδικός: 8247a

    Cool pants are cut in the exaggerated, wide leg silhouette.

    They sit flatteringly high on the waist & they can be worn with the matching Cool Shirt!

    • 100% vi
  • fun-leggings-3fun-leggings-1
    45,00 Κωδικός: 8354

    Fun leggings are made from compressive stretch fabric that’s both lightweight and supportive and they sit high on the waist!

    Wear yours as the stylish choice of your workout activities or with your favourite sweater on your weekend trip!

    • 85% pa, 15% el
  • cool-shirt-1cool-shirt-2
    114,00 Κωδικός: 8263

    Cool shirt is a boxy, oversize long-sleeve shirt designed in a generously flowing silhouette.

    Wear yours with your Cool pants for the most stylish, powerful and elegant casual outfit!

    • 100% vi