• soraia-1soraia-3
    95,00 Κωδικός: sorraia

    Sorraia Skirt

  • appaloosa-set-1appaloosa-set-2
    120,00 Κωδικός: appaloosa

    The beauty of the Appaloosa set in red cannot be understated.The pale colors and the flowers  made this set so romantic and sophisticated.Appaloosa is made of soft velvet and you can buy it like a set or seperate top and bottom.

  • friesian-1friesian-2
    70,00 Κωδικός: friesian

    Friesian bodysuit is made from cotton blend fabric and has sleeves with an all-over slide.The slide v-neck is the definition of feminity and the cut out with slide in back give a bold and sexy look.You can use friesian bodysuit from morning to evening.

  • dantelia-1dantelia-2
    75,00 Κωδικός: dantelia

    A gorgeous soft stretch fabric for ultimate comfort and verstility.The cuts out with lace make it the best item for the festival season or with the matching pants and sneakers for shopping days.

  • black-goddess-1
    90,00 Κωδικός: black_goddess

    Black Goddess is the  bodysuit for emprace your power. With this bodysuit no one expects you to be quiet so find your strength in the best version of yourself. It is made of  synthetic fiber and elastan.

  • femad-dantelia-1femad-dantelia-3 -50% Έκπτωση
    37,50 Κωδικός: dandelia

    An elegant bodysuit for your special nights out. A special piece with a luxury lace. Our favourite summer combination is presented with Dandelia bodysuit. A unique item that should be in your closet.

  • femad-belladona-1femad-belladona-2 -50% Έκπτωση
    40,00 Κωδικός: belladona

    Elegance light bodysuit made of silk satin.This luxury bodysuit is a strong statement piece for your wardrope.Lisianthus bodysuit is double with animal print satin at one side and satin black at the other side. Combine it with skirts or trousers. Lisianthus is the most expensive flower of course the best gift for yourself.

  • femad-tulip-1femad-tulip-5 -50% Έκπτωση
    30,00 Κωδικός: tulip

    Tulip bodysuit is designed for  chic women. A pop of blush represents the delicate nature of femininity.It is a piece you can wear along  or pair with  a suit.The soft cotton and light tulle have a breathable feel and all day comfort.

  • femad-ortansia-1femad-ortansia-3 -50% Έκπτωση
    32,50 Κωδικός: ortansia

    Ortansia bodysuit has a body-hugging cutting that looks great with any bottom pieces , when you wear Ortansia you can finally dance and jump and move and run freely with absolutely no worry.This bodysuit is made of a soft and elastic jean fabric for every day and night.You will love this item for your wardrope.

  • femad-iris-1femad-iris-3 -50% Έκπτωση
    42,50 Κωδικός: iris

    The  bodysuit you will need this season! With Iris  bodysuit you will feel sophistication and sexy at the same time. It is made of a silk jersey with  excellent quality. This bodysuit has a feminine silhouette to accentuate your curves with absolutely no pressure, let Iris hug your body naturally with a lightweight and breathable fabric.

  • femad-fiorentina-1femad-fiorentina-3 -50% Έκπτωση
    40,00 Κωδικός: fiorentina

    Fiorentina is by far the best bodysuit with the strongest character. It is special by itself that it doesn’t need anything else. The fabric is silk jersey.

  • femad-french-1femad-french-2 -50% Έκπτωση
    35,00 Κωδικός: french75

    A classic romantic bodysuit inspired from moments in Paris.