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    98,00 Κωδικός: moonbow_dress

    An asymmetrical ankle-length dress with one side cut out.Stretch smooth crep fabric for a formal feminine look.Moonbow dress flatters the femame body and boosts confidence every time you wear it.Choose the Moonbow  dress to impress and steal all the eyes.

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    49,00 Κωδικός: volcano_bodysuit

    Find your style rhythm with our volcano bodysuit.This sleek design gives a sophisticated silhouette, with its earthly warm tones.Ii is made of soft elastic tulle, suitable for the hot summer months.

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    42,00 Κωδικός: island_bodysuit

    Simple but so special. You will wear it on holidays and in the city from morning until late night. Made of real modal, especially to absorb sweat, contains anti-bacterial properties to keep you always fresh and cool.

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    56,00 Κωδικός: sunrise_bodysuit

    Lace in clothing has a timeless value and has never gone out of fashion. It has always been a classic and classy choise. Sunrise bodysuit has a  feminine v-neck cut that flatters every female bust. The cool and subtle fabric is the best choice  for the summer months.

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    52,50 Κωδικός: bow_bodysuit

    Bow bodysuit is heavily influenced from the 80’s with a big bow on the front side.Wear it with a pair of high-waisted trousers or jeans.Bow can be worn on more formal occasions.Emphasize your style with accesories and try our suggestion for long statement earrings

  • femad-butterfly-1femad-butterfly-4 -30% Έκπτωση
    52,50 Κωδικός: butterfly_bodysuit

    You will feel like a butterfly with this bodysuit sweet and chic together. A beautiful piece for the office, for a walk or for a relaxing drink.the fabric is organic cotton

  • femad-iris-1 -30% Έκπτωση
    56,00 Κωδικός: iris_bodysuit

    The  bodysuit you will need this season! With Iris  bodysuit you will feel sophistication and sexy at the same time. It is made of a silk jersey with  excellent quality. This bodysuit has a feminine silhouette to accentuate your curves with absolutely no pressure. Let Iris hug your body naturally with a lightweight and breathable fabric.

  • femad-sky-skirt-1 -30% Έκπτωση
    59,50 Κωδικός: sky_skirt

    Sky skirt is the classic and timeless choise.Its the piece that we all have in our wardrope , since it can be worn all -day in quite few different outfits,based on your individual style. Sky skirt is the piece that you absolutely have to have.It is made of a unique satin fabric that makes it the most comfortable and flattering garment.

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    85,00 Κωδικός: eclipse_skirt

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